Towers and Antennas

Trinity has maintained its stellar reputation by working with only the best vendors and suppliers in the communications industry. 

Trylon has been designing and fabricating quality steel towers for more than 80 years, during which the company has earned a solid reputation for efficient design and high-quality manufacturing.  They support advanced telecommunications networks in more than 30 countries.

Trinity has Wade Antenna in their diverse and ever expanding product catalog. A divison of Wade, Delhi Tower, has been a major supplier and leader in the consumer electronics industry for over 40 years. Delhi products are ideal for wireless internet applications for small offices and homes. 

PCTEL continues to add to the list of strong, rugged vendors that Trinity works with in order provide you with the best communications solutions on the market.  Their MAXRAD, Bluewave and Wi-Sys antenna solutions address private network, public safety, and government applications. PCTEL develops and delivers high-value YAGI, Land Mobile Radio, WiFi, GPS, in-tunnel, subway, and boardband antennas. 

The companies vertical markets include SCADA, Health Care, Energy, Smart Grid, Precision Agriculture, Indoor Wireless, Telemetry, Off-loading, and data applications. PCTEL Connected Solutions utlizes specialized towers, enclosures, fiber optic panels, fiber jumper cables, and a wide array of its TowerWorx and TelWorx products to deliver engineered site solutions. They focus on Android mobile platform security, and are sold worldwide through direct and indirect channels.